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THE IFDA 2018-2019 LEAGUE 

Listen up!

The IFDA 2018-2019 league will be held exactly as it has for the 2018-19 league. Captains and Coaches, please read the following information carefully.

The league in data and numbers

  • League season's duration: November 2018- May 2019

  • Number of games for each team throughout the season: 21

  • Average number of games for each team per game day: 3

  • Minimal number of players for registering a team: 14

  • Minimal age for a player in a youth team: 13

  • Estimated number of teams: 7-12


League format

The league will have 7 game days, all will be held at the Sportek in Tel Aviv. The league events are carried out by the IFDA, which is responsible for all the logistics such events require such as renting and arranging the fields, coordination with the Police and the MDA, supplying snacks and logistically managing the complete event throughout the day.

Please note- this year's events will not have an organized transport services provided by the IFDA, players are required to arrive independently.


League Day dates for the 2017-18 season:

  • 1st Game day- 17/11/18

  • 2nd Game day- 08/12/18

  • 3rd Game day- 05/01/19

  • 4th Game day- 02/02/19

  • 5th Game day- 02/03/19

  • 6th Game day- 23/03/19

  • 7th Game day- T.B.D


Please note that during the season game days could be canceled due to extreme weather conditions. In that case, the IFDA will reschedule a new time for the missed day and the team captains will receive clear guidance for any changes. Specific games could also be canceled in case a team could not participate/ arrive to a game day. If such occurs, the team captains are to independently reschedule the missed games.

Registration fees

  • Annual team registration fee- 1300 ils, paid by the team or by a sponsoring sports club such as Maccabi, Hapoel, Otzma etc. Don’t have a sponsor? It's a pity, since many sports clubs are looking for teams to sponsor, and your team could get thousands of shekels in such cooperation. Contact us for more information.

  • Annual player registration fee- 300 ils, (for all 7 game days). The fee for a single game day is 80 ils.

  • Registration and payment will be made collectively as a team. Every team's captain must collect and submit all the payments and relevant forms prior to the first league game day.

What is every team required to do?

  • Pay of all team fees prior to the beginning of the season.

    • a team which is in an active process of getting a sponsorship from a sports club can receive a three- month extension, starting at the first game day.

    • Please note that a team which has not begun such process before the first league event, will be required to pay their team fee in full on the league's first game day.

  • Appoint 1-2 contacts to regularly manage all communications between their team and the IFDA (emails, payments, announcements, etc.).

  • Fill the form attached below with the details of all the team's players, and send back to the IFDA.

What is every player required to do?

  • Hold a valid 2018-19 Player's card (IFDA members club). Cost for youth/soldier/adult- 75/85/105 ils (to purchase/ renew click here)

  • Sign the 2018-19 season health statement

  • Go through a sports doctor's examination in one of the sports medicine centers listed here, and have them sign this form. The signed form should be submitted to the IFDA no later than the 2nd league game day.

  • Complete the player fees- either personally via the team captain or as part of a sponsorship via the relevant sports club.

For a player to be covered by medical insurance, each player must submit the complete medical examination form and have a valid player's card.

How to register?

  1. Registration and payments are done as teams. The first thing you should do is to send a short email to inform the IFDA that your team wishes to register. The email should contain the team's name, relevant contacts (coach/ captain), number of players and the team's location.

  2. By October 29th 2017, you should send this form to the IFDA. The form contains the following information: first and last name, id/ passport number, date of birth, phone number and email.

  3. Remind the players on your team that they should purchase a player's card and get checked by a sports doctor prior to the opening event. Turn them to *this link* to purchase a player's card.

  4. If you have yet to start a sponsorship process with a sports club, now is a good time to contact us for assistance. Unifying as part of a sports club or union could fund your team a large part of your expenses such as team fees, player fees, and even uniforms. It could save you thousands of shekels, now you know!

  5. Email your team's players list to ceo@ifda.org.il

  6. Wait for updates via email and text messages.


Rules Procedures and Settings

The following details are extremely important, and may affect your teams.

  1. Dress code: Every participating team is required to play with shirts that are at least matching in color and design. The IFDA recommend the teams to have an organized uniform including:

    1. identically designed shirts in two colors, with numbers on their backs.

    2. matching colored pants.

  2. Tournament rules:  The tournament will be played according to the *WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2017*.

  3. Forbidden Items for playes: Players will not enter the field wearing  a watch, dangerous \ loose hand jewelry, loose earrings or an orthopedic cast.

  4. Team transfers during the season: Players may transfer a team only one time during the season. A player who have transferred a team could not transfer again during the same season. For the record, a player will not play with a team in which he is not a member, unless they have officially informed the IFDA about that transfer.

  5. Gender integration rules (The "women's rule"): Every team must have at least one registered female player. A female player must participate on at least 12 (of the 18) games during that season. During a league game, at least 50% of the points must be played with a female player in the team's lineup.

In case a team has not met the requirements above, it could not be ranked in the top three places of the league.


*the league planners have the right to use judgment when making decisions

Updates and announcements

  • Updates regarding changes and explanations considering the league and its format will be published by email, text messages, Facebook, etc.

  • League days' game order and scores will be published on the website and on IFDA's Facebook page.

במידה וישנם דברים שאינם ברורים לכם, או שלקבוצתכם ישנן בקשות מיוחדות, נשמח לקבל את פנייתכם באמצעות המייל info@ifda.org.il