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Our Partners

We value cooperation & collaboration. Our partnerships are key to our success.

The Israeli Ministry of Colture and Sport

The Ministry of Colture and Sport is the official governing body appointed by the Israeli cabinet to promote and oversee all Israeli sport activities.


The Ministry has granted IFDA with an offical recognition back in 2009, which allowed us to continue to promote our sport officially under the umbrella of the Israeli government. 


The Ministry supports and guides IFDA along the path of growing our young sport.


The ministry's Website: http://www.mcs.gov.il (Hebrew)

Toto - The Israeli Authority for Gambling in Sports

Toto is the official Israeli authority entrusted with the management of sports betting in Israel. Over the past decade, Toto has placed over 3 billion NIS at the disposal of Israel Sports. 


Under legislation from 1967, Toto has the sole right to organize sports betting in Israel. The profits earned by the authority are dedicated to the advancement of sport. Toto holds a strict ethical code of conduct and meets the international standards of EL and WLA “Responsible Gaming”.


As of today, Toto is IFDA's main collaborator. It grants us an ongoing financial support that allows us to keep promoting the Flying Disc sports and Ultimate in particular.


Toto's Website: http://www.winner.co.il (Hebrew)

RISEUP Ultimate

RISE UP is Ultimate’s first professional instructional video series. If your goal is to become a better Ultimate player or make your team better, you’ve come to the right place. The mission of RISE UP is to improve the level of play of Ultimate teams and players through the creation of engaging instructional videos created by experts. The goal of RISE UP is to create useful teaching tools that empower players at any level to call a friend, grab a disc, and immediately improve their game.


RISEUP Is IFDA's main collaborator for it's coaches and Instructors course. RISEUP leaders are generously providing IFDA's leaders and coaches with information, guidance, and tips on a regular basis. RISEUP is helping us make ultimate in Israel better,  stronger and more professional.


RISEUP's Website: https://www.riseupultimate.com (English)

Fresh Ultimate









Fresh Ultimate's Website: http://www.freshultimate.com (Hebrew)

Ultimate Peace - Middle East

Ultimate Peace builds bridges of understanding and friendship between youth who live in communities divided by conflict, using the character building sport of Ultimate Frisbee as a tool. Thousands of youth who would never otherwise meet due to the conditions of their regional conflict, apply lessons learned in the UP program and work together to create a brighter future.


Currently 14 communities participate in UP's year-round programs. 6 are Arab communities in Israel, 5 are Jewish communities in Israel, and 3 are Palestinian from the West Bank. Of the 300 youth served, approximately 25% are Palestinian, 35% Israeli Jews, and 40% Arab Israelis.


UP's Website: http://www.ultimatepeace.org (English)

Simply Club


Simply Club's Website: http://www.simplyclub.co.il (Hebrew)